Monday- discuss course sign up with students. Talk about general guidlines (see Deborah Stewarts email) and answer any questions kids may have. They will be heading to the computer lab over the next few days and if they are prepared, sign up will be much easier and run more smoothly.

Tuesday- Course Sign up in 9th grade lab-
9:30-9:50- Ferguson
9:55-10:10- McCoullough
Others- Vote for project or study hall

Wednesday- Course Sign up in 9th Grade Lab
9:30-9:50- Schulz
9:55-10:10- Chastain

Course Sign Up in Library Lab-
(others- vote for project or study hall)

Thursday- Speaker in Auditorium

Friday- Course Sign Up in 9th Grade Lab
9:30-9:50- Cox
9:55- 10:10- Farias

Library Computer Lab (tentative)
9:30-9:50 Parsons
9:55-10:10- Prejean
(others study hall)

We will do make up sign ups next week to make sure every kid gets a chance to get this done!

All other teachers- TBA
Remember, this is the end of the six weeks! I will email a list of grades that we have this six weeks. Signing up for classes can be a major grade if we need it to be! :)