Advisory Plans for the Week of August 30
Monday- Communication day. We will be discussing upcoming assignments from all core classes. We will also be talking about our first service project. We will be collecting things for the Orange Christian Services. We will hopefully be passing out agendas and getting them set up with that.

Tuesday- 7 Habits- Paradigms and Principles- Read pages 11-13 and discuss. Do workbook page 4. Obviously they cannot ask their parent’s opinion while in class, but they should know their parent’s opinion already. Discuss answers as a class. Then read pages 14-27 and discuss. Do pages 6-7 in the workbook. Finally, look at the baby steps on page 28. Discuss how these baby steps might help them in their life. Have them commit to doing at least one baby step for the next week.
Wednesday- Personal Bank Account- Read pages 31-46 and discuss. Do workbook pages 9-10. Pass out copies of Account Register. Students should track deposits and withdrawals for the rest of the week. Discuss baby steps and have students commit to doing at least one for the next week. Have them document how it goes.
Thursday and Friday - Be Proactive- Read pp 48-72 and discuss. Do pp 11- 12 in the workbook. If you have the circle of control or the proactive powerpoint, you can certainly add those things in. Make this your own and teach it in a way that works for you. J Let’s try to finish habit one this week and start Habit 2 on Tuesday!