Wednesday August 25- Friday August 27
Introducing the Habits
Activity #1: Who am I?
Pass out a copy of 7 Habits to each student. Have each student turn to the front of the book to the poem “Who Am I?”. Read this poem as a class. Have students brainstorm possible answers to this riddle.

Once they have brainstormed, tell them to turn the page to find the answer. Ask if they are surprised at the answer. Discuss what a habit is and how it applies to each part of the poem.

Pass out the habit chart
Habit Chart.docx (this is in the print shop!) to each student. Give students time to brainstorm as many habits as they can think of that fit into each category. (It does not have to be a habit that they personally have!) As a class, discuss ways that bad habits can keep people from succeeding in school and in life, and how good habits can help individuals achieve success.

We will do this next part when we get agenda books--- Next, have students choose one of their own bad habits. Have them set a goal to change this habit, and mark that goal on their calendar in their agenda book.

Finally, discuss what a daily planning habit would look like. As a class, discuss why it would be beneficial to plan daily. Explain that it is a requirement that they write in their agenda book, so by the end of this year it should be a good habit that is engrained in their daily life.


Friday- Pass out workbooks to each student. I am going to have my kids keep their workbooks in my room, but you can let them bring them home if they want. That is really up to you. Go over page 2 in the workbook. This is the page that says “Take the Plunge”. Discuss the Learn Live Share suggestions and how those can work in Advisory. Then give them time to look through the book and workbook and write a personal expectation in the box provided. Have students share their expectations if they would like. You could share one of your own
J. Then begin “Get in the Habit”. Read pages 3-9 in the book, taking time to discuss. Then do workbook page 3. Discuss each habit and why it is important. Discuss each defective definition and why it would lead them down the wrong path.