Advisory Introduction Lessons:

1. Intro Activity/Peer Interview Powerpoint:

Put students in pairs and have them interview each other using the guide questions included in the PowerPoint. This will take one class period. Next class have each student get up in front of the class and introduce the student he/she interviewed using the notes he/she took.

2. Fish - students will decorate their fish and hang up in the lobby.

3. Letter - students will write letters

4. 21st Century Learner video

Have the students view this video, and write down at least 3 “Ah-ha’s” as they watch it. Then, as a class discuss the things that they found surprising. You may want to make a list of all of the things they wrote down, and tally what one item was most surprising to them.

Then, have them view the most updated version of the video and have them write down 3 differences in the figures from the previous video. Discuss these, and their implications.

Finally, if you need something else, have them watch the video about the average college student. Have them write down what surprised them about this video, and what they learned about college vs. high school (like class size).